Why KAPsurvey

Why KAPsurvey?

KAPsurvey stands out as an innovative platform for streamlining data collection and analysis, offering unique features and benefits for various organizations. It simplifies the process to design surveys, enhances project management for data collection teams, and provides powerful data analysis tools.

Developed by a team of experts

These experts know the operating context for how high-volume data collection and analysis happens.

Focused on humanitarian needs

KAPsurvey makes it easy to analyze data quickly for the dimensions that users want to see often, such as location, gender, age, project intervention areas, etc.

User-Friendly interface

The platform intuitively follows the typical workflow that humanitarian and other survey users are already familiar with

Professional-looking charts & reports

Users can quickly prepare a mix of charts and text adapted to different reporting stakeholders

Key Benefits

KAPsurvey's blend of advanced technology and user-friendly features makes it a go-to solution for data-driven insights and efficient project management.

survey creation
Efficient Survey Creation

Easy form building and Excel import options.

Advanced Project Management

Organize interview tasks and data collection rounds with teams effectively.

data collection
Seamless Data Collection

Offline & online form submission options, including WhatsApp integration to circulate survey links.

data analysis
Smart Data Analysis

Workflow for high-volume survey users Explore dimensions like responses by gender or location in real time.

beneficiary Engagement
Beneficiary Engagement

Integrate your contact database to bring feedback collection closer.

Task Management

Streamlined task assignment and tracking.