KAPsurvey has a smart range of features that were designed to help you set up data collection with your team quickly, and then explore the data with ease. See insights about the populations you work with and share them with minimal time and effort. Then use the platform features to efficiently schedule new surveys all over again.
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Online & Offline Data Collection  

Whether you have access to an internet connection or not, KAPsurvey allows you to create surveys and collect data easily.

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Beneficiary Management

Upload your database of your beneficiaries into the respective projects. You can also update or filter their information, and create targets and tasks for them. 

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Data Collection Targets

Set clear end dates for surveys to maintain accuracy. The system supports Simple Random Sampling (SRS) for efficient sample selection, allowing users to define criteria such as gender, age, and location.

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task allocation
Task Allocation & Management

Create tasks via the Targets module (for setting survey samples) or through a free task creation feature, and assign them based on survey interviews needed.

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Streamlined Platform

Automate more of your delegation for data collection tasks and potentially replace existing communication tools like Skype and WhatsApp groups.

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Integrated Feedback Channels

Give your enumerators an easy tool to collect feedback through multiple ways, receiving calls, messages, online and offline feedback.

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