Manage multiple projects simultaneously

hassle-free work allocation and data collection experience


For smooth and efficient project management

Collect data efficiently and produce analytical reports instantly.

No other data collection platform offers integrated project management solutions to organize your work around teams and activities like KAPsurvey. Plan and collaborate across countries, projects, teams and work styles for more transparent management and greater productivity

…the perfect project management tool to

Organize data collection activities,
track progress in no time


Step 1:
Define programs or clients

Start by registering your programs/contracts


Step 2:
Define activities

Add activities or projects in your program.


Step 3:
Create a team

Add one or more teams to your registered program.


Step 5:
Present research findings

Produce and share your results through engaging reports.

Step 4:
Create and communicate and track tasks,

Assigns track project progress on individual and group level.


Research activities made easier with KAP survey

Designed by a team of experienced monitoring and evaluation experts, this platform is suitable for conducing collective-research with anyone, anywhere…


Made to simplify coordination for your research project

-Assign tasks to your team and set up their interviews with respondents remotely from your Manager’s account

- Set up and maintain Automated systems for receiving information from communities or manage costumer-service related calls automatically.