Data Analytics

Management and Solutions
for teams

Conduct basic and advanced analytics with a few clicks that deliver insight into your data and findings.

Faster and insightful analytics,
in an integrated platform.

Individuals or teams can run purposeful, fast, advanced analysis by seamlessly switching between teams and projects.

With KAPcourse you can focus on analysis that can help inform decision making.

Key features:

  • Connect your project team or collaborate across teams to improve performance and analytics.
  • Create or use standardized reports
  • Download results in the format you want
  • View and authenticate teams, projects and activities, including photos and videos
  • Run advanced audits on data and locations

Tell clear stories
about your research findings

Translate your collected data into visualized reports

Merge data
from multiple surveys
into one all-inclusive report

Design visualized data dashboards that present and track data collected from multiple surveys. Give your team or your client quick and clear reports on your latest findings or progress.

Data visualization templates

Choose from numerous data charts and graphs to help you showcase your findings in an engaging and transparent way.

Identify data patterns

Manage large amounts of data in a visualized format to provide a summary of unseen patterns in the data, revealing insights and the story behind the data to establish or follow up on a project’s goal.

Produce user-friendly interactive data reports

Dashboard builder allows you to incorporate data real-time from past and current projects.

Visualise your data-backed findings using maps and charts

Our innovative tools can be used to create visual representations of collected data from various geographical locations. Design maps, that show your team and/or your clients key demographics, geographical coverage of your research and highlight the differences between results and findings across multiple locations.


Need help with analysis and presentation?

Our team of Data Analysis Experts can assist you in producing meaningful infographics and dashboards that help your data tell a story.