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KAPsurvey is a centralized and integrated platform for users to plan and conduct all stages of data collection and analysis. Developed by monitoring and evaluation professionals with field data collection experience worldwide, KAPsurvey offers humanitarian and development clients the ability to design surveys, manage data collection, and track, analyze and present data in real-time.



Quickly develop survey forms and interview protocols, create teams and assign tasks.

Collect data

Data collectors can access surveys from any device and managers can track progress of multiple data collection activities simultaneously.

Analyze and report

Produce summary reports with graphs and tables that tell a clear story about your research. Track results of data collection in real-time.

Having worked in the humanitarian space for over 20 years and led both program and monitoring and evaluation teams worldwide, it became clear that we –collectively as humanitarian and development professionals– needed a better way to plan, collect, track and analyze data. After all, we know data is critical to ensuring accountability, improving our learning and ultimately helping to make humanitarian programs better for the people they are designed to serve. That’s why I was proud to found KAPsurvey, developed by monitoring and evaluation experts and field data collection managers who know first-hand the challenges they face in collecting valid and reliable data as part of the program cycle.

Our approach is based on human-centered design with people in mind. Deliver a better data collection and management platform to help you make your programs better.

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